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Skype Geo Locator 1.0

Skype Geo Locator is an add-on for Skype for Windows
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Skype Geo Locator is an add-on for Skype for Windows. I couldn't find anywhere if the application would work on other platforms. What this does is show you your location when you are chatting. Now, this application is only really worthy of your time if you have a static IP address. Skype Geo Locator looks up your address and finds whether that IP has a registered physical address. If it does, it will show it beside your name on the chat and show it to the other user. Most people have dynamic addresses, and those change all the time. So your IP address will never correlate to your address. Users have complained that the application is pretty much useless if you don't have a static address which you can have registered. And even after you have given up and decided to uninstall it if it doesn't work, Skype Geo Locator will make it hard for you to uninstall the application from your system. I am taking it this is an application you might want to stay away from if you don't like spending more than a few minutes setting something up or have a dynamic IP address.

José Fernández
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